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Fall Wedding at The Cordelle in Nashville, Tennessee | Alyssa & Thomas

Alyssa and Thomas' day started out getting ready with their bridal parties and getting hyped up for their big moment. My second photographer shot groomsmen portraits at the couple's home while I was with the bridesmaids at The Cordelle. The weather and the fall colors were amazing for this October wedding in Downtown Nashville.

I got to know Alyssa through a Facebook group when I posted looking for friends to go roller skating with (2020 had us all wanting to wear quads and skate through the streets in bikinis.) LOL

Alas, we never did go skating, but Alyssa ended up hiring me to shoot her and Thomas' engagement photos on the pedestrian bridge in downtown Nashville. That session was a blast and led to me shooting their wedding.

This gorgeous couple is not only fun; they are also deeply in love and it was so apparent during their ceremony. They chose to exchange hand-written vows, and there was not a dry eye in the courtyard. The images from their wedding are bold, colorful, and emotional. The gorgeous fall foliage made for a perfect backdrop for a Nashville wedding. Downtown Nashville weddings can be really beautiful if you have the right location and the right photographer. After the ceremony, I took the couple outside of the venue and we shot on the street outside of The Cordelle and on the bridge that crosses over the highway behind the building.

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